Deep Oscillation Therapy

DEEP OSCILLATION Hivamat 200 is a proven technology in the field of:

  • Surgery Aftercare - reduces local swelling, increases wound healing.
  • Open Wounds - ulcers amputations, burns
  • Respiratory Diseases - mucoviscidosis, COPD etc.
  • Sports - traumata, oedemas, haematomas, training and competition aftercare.

Highly effective in reducing pain

Stimulating wounds to heal


Oedema and Fibrosis Reduction

Cellulite Treatment: Oedema Reduction

Rough Fibrous tisues /Improvement of skin elasticity

Increasing mobility and sensitivity

Faster return to normal activities cutting rehab times

DEEP OSCILLATION is characterized by creating a very safe, and extremely low frequency, electrostatic field which is built up between the hands of the therapist and the tissue of the patient. The patient's tissue is electrostatically attracted and released again according to the selected frequency. This will trigger a unique, deeply penetrating, 8cm, through all tissue layers. Including the connective tissue and not just vibration on the skin surface like other conventional electrotherapies.

When applying DEEP OSCILLATION the tissue will be thoroughly "kneaded" with a pain-soothing and relaxing effect.

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