Sports Massage

Sports Massage incorporates swedish massage movements together with additional intensive techniques that are specifically used to treat muscular injuries.  It releases muscule tensions and treat scar tissues to prevent recurring injuries.  Aims to improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints.  Improves blood circulation and removal of lactic acid which is produced when exercising which in turn speed up the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints.  Regular massages helps to prevent muscle and tendon injuries.

A sports massage can be carried out prior to a sports event, when it will stimulate circulation, calm nervous tension and prepare individual for optimal performance whist at the same time reducing the risk of injury.

It can be carried out after a sports event, to relieve soreness and assist with the removal of lactic acid and other waste products.

It is often used during training to focus on speeding up the healing of existing injuries and preventing the development of future injuries.

 It can be sore and tender for the first couple of days after treatment as it involves deep tissue work.